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Kentucky's Keegan
Kentucky's Keegan... At the 1997 National Association of the Louisiana Catahoula (NALC) Cow Dog Trails. 1st Place Winner High-in-Trial.

It was this type working stock dog used in the pre-registration Alapaha Blue-Blood Bulldog, such as 'Houston's Smokey' - See pedigree of CRK's Brangus Bull.

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The infamous "GERONIMO" an old-type bulldog bred by Mr. Clifford Derwent. This dog was used in the pre-registration Alapaha Blue-Blood Bulldog (Cowdog strain), in 1952.

He was owned by Cecil Evans of Merritt Island, FL - See pedigree of Oatis' (CRK) Urban Cowboy and CRK's Dottie Patches.

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An early "Box-headed" type American Pit Bull Terrier bred by John P. Colby. It was this type of dog used in the pre-registration Alapaha Blue-Blood Bulldog (Otto & Silver Dollar strains), such as "Cel Ashley's Scalawag" a pure Colby bitch - See pedigree of Lana's Van Shelton Lane.

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Johnson's Dick the Bruiser a.k.a. "TINY"
An early type Ol' Mountain Bulldog (American "Pit Bull" Dog) bred by Gregg Mason. Originally purchased and named Mason's CREEP by Harold Lassiter of Big Sand Mountain, AL and then later sold to and re-named by Mr. John D. Johnson of Summerville, GA.

There has been much debate over the breeding and lineage of this dog. It was this type hybrid (Ol' Type Bulldog × Pit Bull cross) used in the pre-registration Alapaha Blue-Blood Bulldog, such as "Strickland's HENRY" - See pedigree of Lana's Van Shelton Lane.

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William "Slim Bill" Chester
Another one of the early pioneers of the pre-registration Alapaha Blue-Blood Bulldogs. Although never numerically large, his breeding program had the deepest impact on the foundation of the Alapaha. The infamous Chester's Black Jack (sire: BINGO × dam: Missy) named after Bill's favorite card game, laid the biggest contribution to the Alapaha's foundation.  The dogs sired by "Jack" that figured prominently in the Alapaha were, Chester's BOSS, Blue Boy Lane (sire of Lana's Marcelle) and Waldron's Samantha.  Mr. Chester being an Ol' Pit-Bull Man believed in game testing his dogs on live-stock vigorously. Though his dogs were often man-aggressive this was a quality he didn't much care for. The Silver Dollar (Catahoula × APBT × Mountain Bull) concoction was deadly.

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Warren "Papa Buck" Lane
One of the early pioneers of the pre-registration Alapaha Blue-Blood Bulldogs. Though his breeding prowse is of some debate Mr. Lane is said to have produced loyalty, soundness and trainability, combined with his conception of bulldog type and this he apparently achieved to major extent based on the foundation of the Otto strain.

Papa Buck would always say that "a Bulldog should look at you and through you". This became a Circle L hallmark, as did the superb working ability.

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Cel Ashley
He’s known as the father of the pre-registration “working” American Bulldog. This Mountain stockman didn’t tolerate cowardly, shy, or noise-sensitive dogs; physical soundness was a prerequisite in his catch-dogs.  To this day his type of dog persists in its purest state of usage in the more isolated enclaves of the rural south, where the mountaineers even today don’t lock their doors or pen their livestock.

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Cecil Evans & Bob Williams
Cecil Evans and Bob Williams were rugged Cracker Cowboys down from traditional ranch families that bred and trained catch/herding dogs in the Merritt Island, Florida area.  In the late 1940’s after several failed attempts at creating the “Ultimate” working stock dog they started a breeding program using British Bulldog imports, namely the infamous Derwent’s Geronimo. These exploits produced the pre-registration Cowdog strain which heavily influenced the formation of the modern Alapaha Blue-Blood Bulldog.

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R.T. Coleman
In 1989, after securing a few outstanding specimens of this rare breed, Mr. Coleman realized that without swift intervention from the senseless "in-breeding" practices of a handful of "rural" breeders, this great breed would soon be extinct.

In 1994, he established CATTLE RUSTLER KENNELS (CRK), with the goal of developing a best-to-best dog breeding program, using all 5 of the known bloodlines detailed in the original ABBA stud book.

Today, the Alapaha genius enjoys the fruits of his hard work, with world-wide acceptance into the rare breed domain, from the backwoods to the show ring.

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