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Are these initials confusing people about the future of the AUTHENTIC Alapaha Blue-Blood Bulldog?  They shouldn't be, although all of these  ‘initials’ stand for groups that are issuing ‘registration’ papers for dogs they deem to be Alapaha Blue-Blood Bulldogs, only ‘ONE’ was formed by the breed founders and has consistently operated as the official representative for this ‘breed’ still under development.  Let me explain in as simple a way as possible!

First of all, most people have been so used to the American Kennel Club (AKC) that it is hard for them to understand the Create-A-Breed type of registries.  They think that as long as you have a ‘pedigree’ you get papers on your dog and without such ‘official’ papers your dog is just a mutt.  This is partly true, but you will also find puppies advertised ‘without papers’ from registered parents, for whatever reason.  Most of the times you can see the sire & dam of those pups and usually expect to pay a lot less just because they do not have the ‘official’ papers.  On the flip side of the coin, you can purchase a puppy from a pet shop, or a wholesaler that will provide you with AKC ‘papers’ that may not even belong to that particular puppy!  Furthermore, there are many registries that offer ‘papers’ for a fee (i.e. the ARF, ACA, IOEBA, OREBA, URBA, NKC, CKC, DRA, FIC and WWKC).  These places can be found in Dog Magazines, as well as all over the Internet!  They have no concern for your dog, its breed, or anything else!!!  Their only purpose is to collect your money and hand you a piece of paper.  For more details, please read Registries: What are they?

Nevertheless, registries do not breed dogs, people do!  The final quality of any puppies produced will always be based on what the individual breeder is doing, not on the papers they place on their puppies, correct?  Well ... this is a loaded question, since most breeders are normally influenced (if not fully guided) by what their peers are doing! 

This means that they regularly succumb to the ‘politics’ of the breed club they belong to!  If it is a strong club, with experienced breeders that are willing to guide the ‘new breeders' toward a common goal, then you may find some quality dogs being produced.  If this club also has a well-organized registry, with data being processed independently from club politics, as per a strong constitution/by-laws, even better!   Then the next thing you want to examine is the results that are being achieved, for the benefit of the breed!!  Certainly a registry should not consist of just a computer that is ‘spitting forth’ certificates!  Each club/registry must have a statement of purpose, a constitution, etc. Of course, each of them will also have their ‘own’ agenda for the particular breed that they represent. 

This can lead to severe havoc, which is why even the AKC only recognizes one ‘parent club’ for each breed!   In the case of a dog breed still under development, having several such groups representing it can do nothing more then to not only cause confusion, but also possibly lead to the demise of the entire breed itself!



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